General Construction

The activity of Stettin Hungaria focuses on the general construction of load bearing structures. The company operates mainly in the Transdanubian region, in Budapest and its surrounding areas. Its testimonials include residential areas, public, commercial and industrial buildings and monument reconstructions. Recently, projects have been launched in East Hungary as well. The increasing number of returning customers is due to the high quality performance of the company.


Ferenc Nyerges
, managing director, Pro Kultúra Sopron Kht.:
- Stettin restored the old established building in Sopron, the House of Hungarian Culture expertly, perfectly complying with our contract. The building is known as Liszt Ferenc Conference Centre. It was a demanding task as the walls were built in 1873. As a result of Stettin’s construction works, the monumental landmark regained its original splendour providing everything that is expected from a multifunctional modern building.


Attila Pandur, managing director of Imex Filtertechnika Ltd.:
- We were perfectly satisfied with Stettin Hungaria Ltd. during the construction of our warehouse and office building. They met the deadlines and fully considered our requests. They were fair and worked precisely therefore I can highly recommend the company to anyone. The conscientious attitude of the building site manager is to be commended.


Jenő Gábor, architect, Diocese Office, Győr:
- We have commissioned Stettin Hungaria Ltd. with several tasks and we are definitely going to work together in the future, as well. Building the university student hostel in Sopron, reconstructing the facade of Szent Orsolya School and converting the attic of Szent Margit Kindergarten and reinforcing its framework were some of the assignments we gave to the company. We were completely satisfied with the results. The company excels in high quality and flexibility. The construction was always completed on schedule and within the project budget.


The branch in Budapest (125/A Budaörsi Street, 11th district, Budapest) has operated since 2002. They mainly construct residential buildings and commercial institutions. The company is developing in Budapest, too, which can be shown by the continuous increase of the technical staff. They are gaining contracts for more and more major projects, e.g. the construction of ALDI supermarkets.


Stettin Hungaria Ltd. owns a 7.5 hectare industrial area with an industrial railway and full infrastructure in Sopron. There are 14 workshops and the company utilizes 70 % of them by letting. This way Stettin houses several small and medium-sized companies and some of them use the industrial area as their headquarters.

Tunnel-Sheeting Formworks

In the tunnel sheeting workshop metal sheetings are produced for highway, railway and underground tunnels. They have to meet high quality standards therefore there is a permanent quality control during the production and the finished products are strictly supervised. The production is done by highly qualified metal framework mechanics and skilled welders. The sheeting frameworks are designed in Austria and after the raw material is delivered to the site, the cutting and processing, which require unique technology, are performed in the tunnel sheeting workshop in Sopron. After the production, the finished product is either transported back to Austria or directly to its destination. The technology is proven to be unique by the fact that sheeting frameworks used for several European projects (e.g. underground railway construction in the Czech Republic, tunnel construction in Austria and Germany) and for an underground railway tunnel in Australia in the first quarter of 2008, were produced in Sopron.
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