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Heineken Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt Extension of the wharehouse in the brewery in Sopron 2018
GYSEV Zrt Hotel Sopron - construction of the wellness area 2018
Research centre for Astronomy and Geoscience of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Renewal of the office building in Sopron 2018
LAWIE Hungária Kft General contruction of an appartment house with 51 appartments in Sopron, Ravazd utca 2017
Danubius Szállodaüzemeltető és Szolgáltató Zrt Denubius Hotel Helia - refurbishment of the conference floor 2017
GYSEV Zrt Hotel Sopron partial refurbishment 2017
Pandur Attila Construction of a family mansion in Sopron 2017
Mór Local Government Extension of the Petőfi Sándor Elementary School with a new wing 2017
Broadway Residence Kft General construction of an appartment house with 57 appartments in Budapest, Csányi utca 2017
IMEX Filtertechnika Kft Construction of a new office building 2016
Police Headquarters of the County Győr-Moson-Sopron Renewal of the officers' building 2016
Harlequin Kereskedelmi és Marketing Kft Renewal and alteration of the Pest-Buda Hotel 2016
Mór Local Government Construction of a funeral hall in the cemetery of Mór 2015
Heineken Hungária Breweries Extension of the can packaging hall 2015
Gala-Kerzen Kft Construktion of a new warehouse with 1.030 sqm 2015
Masszív-ház Kft Structural works of an appartmenthouse with 50 appartments in Sopron 2015
Heineken Hungária Breweries Extension of the warehouse at the brewery in Sopron, step 1 and 2 2015
Mór Local Government Construction of the bus station and service building 2015
Parish St. Margit of the árpád-house Extension of the existing church with a new wing 2014
Grawe Lifeinsurance Renewal of the office building 2014
Dentálklinik dr. Tóka Construction works of a medical building 2014
OBO Bettermann Kft Full renewal of the buildings "E" and "G" including the internal roads, infrastucture and demolition works 2014
Inwatech Kft Constructional works of the sewage purification plant 2014
MTD Hungária Kft General construction of the assembly workshop with 5,250 sqm 2013
Horváth Trans Kft Construction of a new truck-wash facility and a diagnostic workshop in Pereszteg 2013
Penny Market Kft Alteration of the market in Dorog 2013
ROTO ELZETT CERTA Vasalatgyártó és Kereskedlemi Kft Extension of the component production house and new building of the warehouse 2013
West Pannon Invest Kft Construction of a new Penny Market with 1300 sqm with greenroof and 80 parking spaces 2013
Penny Market Kft Alteration of the market in Budapest 8th district, József körút 2013
Michlits Kft Planning and construction works of the shed and office buildings 2013
Robert Bosch Elektronikai Kft Building and professional works as part of the plant extension 2013
SPAR Magyarorszég Kereskedelmi Kft Alteration of the former PLUS market to a SPAR market 2013
Penny Market Kft Extension of the existing Penny Market stores (Várpalota, Dorog, Budapest József körút) 2013
Roman Catholic Rectory Nagycenk Facade renovation and adaption to the needs of the disabled of the Church in Nagycenk, renovation of the rectory and the yard. 2012
Ober Lízing Kft Construction of a high rack warehouse for Nordenia by order and for account of Ober Leasing 2012
Local Government Sopron Renovation and revitalization of the Fire tower and castle wall promenade, construktion of a new tourists center in Sopron 2012
OTP Ingatlan Zrt General construction works of an appartment house with 67 appartments in Budapest 13th district, Szent László utca 2012
Blaguss-Agora Hungary Zrt Construction of the company headquarters with an 800 sqm building consisting of an office, workshop and truck wash facility 2012
Local Government Sopron Facade insulation, change of the doors and windows on the facade, roof undercoating works, renewal of the building engineering 2011
Huncargo Zrt General construction works of a 5.000 sqm logistic hall 2011
Pro Kultúra Kht. Comprehensive facade and roof revitalisation of the Petőfi Theater in Sopron 2011
Rötzer Kft General construction works of the extension of the existing printing hall 2011
Local Government Kapuvár Renovation of the entire facade and change of the doors and windows of the former Municipial Court House 2011
OTP Ingatlan Zrt Turn-key general construction works of an appartment house with 81 appartments in Budapest 9th district, Beregszász utca 2011
Foglalkoztatási és Szociális Hivatal Construction works of the branch office in Sopron 2010
Hofer Hungary Real Estate Ltd. Aldi Budapest, Tűzoltó str. Alteration of the heritage protected building to a store. Construction works of an Aldi store within the existing building of a riding hall while retaining the external architectural ... 2010
Területi Integrált Szakképzési Központok Creation of Regional Integrated Vocational Trainig Centers in Sopron - adaption to the needs of the disabled, hall building works - creation of vocational workshops an adaption to the needs of the disabled on 1.20... 2010
Linde Gas Hungary Construction works of a new office block with 800 sqm in an existing building in Répcelak 2010
Rauch Hungary Ltd. Architectural works of the wastewater purification building and foundation works of the IC reactor and biogas burner 2010
Globe VI. Ltd. Appartment house with 27 appartments (3 basements + groundfloor with shops + 7 upper floors in total) 2011
HUNCARGO HOLDING General construction works of a 5.000 sqm hall in Sopron 2010
OWN INVESTMENT Extension of the production hall, Steel- and Formwork, 980 sqm. Installation of a new dying cabin with 90 sqm, which fullfills the latest environmental requirements 2010
OTP Ingatlan Zrt Turn-key general construction works of an appartment house with 56 appartments in Siófok 2010
OTP Ingatlan Zrt Turn-key general construction works of an appartment house with 43 appartments in Veszprém 2010
Wolf-Plastics Kft Revitalisation and alteration of an office building built in the 18th century, general construction works of a new steelwork printing hall in Fertőszentmiklós 2010
Local Government Sopron Alteration and attic expansion of the children's home in Sopron 2009
Local Government Mosonmagyaróvár Construction of an apartment house with 25 apartments, Mosonmagyaróvár 2008
Bishopric Győr Facade revitalization of the rom-cath. church in Lövő 2008
OTP Ingatlan Rt. Turnkey construction of an apartment house with 148 apartments, phase I-II, Budapest 10th district, Makk utca 2008
Szent Orsolya Rom-Catholic Elementary School, Gymnasium and Students' hostel Revitalization of the entire external and internal heritage protected facade 2007
Bishopric Győr General construction of the college, Sopron Szt. György utca 2007
Inwatech Kft. Building works of the purification plant, Brewery Sopron 2007
SWEDWOOD Sopron Kft. General construction of plant extension works, Sopron 2006
IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. General contruction of an office building and warehouse, Sopron, Tárczy - Hornoch Antal utca 8 2006
Weninger Kft. Weninger Winery farmstead, Sopron-Balf 2006
Roman-catholic parish of Sopronkövesd Facade revitalization of the roman-catholic church in Sopronkövesd 2005
SWEDWOOD Sopron Kft. Construction of an idustrial hall of 2 000 sqm, Sopron 2005
Berzsenyi Dániel Protestant Grammar School Finishing works of the gym room in the 1st floor, sports technology, Sopron 2004
SWEDWOOD Sopron Kft. Preparation works of the plant extension, transformer and boiler-house 2004
Local Government Sopron General construction of an apartment house with 43 apartments and a subterranean garage, Sopron 2004
KIPCALOR Kft. DH supplier Sopron, building works of the gas engine hall, Sopron 2003
Gala Kerzen Sopron Construction of a new industrial warehouse, Sopron 2003
Investor Property Sopron Construction of a department store, Sopron 2003
Benedictiner Congregation Pannonhalma Conversion of the House of the aged, Sopron Templom u. 1. 2003
PRO Kultúra Kht. Sopron Conversion of the Liszt Ferenc Cultural House into conference centre, general construction, Sopron 2002
Local Government Sopron Building reconstruction at Sopron, Várkerület 43 2002
Casino Sopron Kft. Casino Sopron, conversion, Sopron 2001
Swietelsky Kereskedelmi Kft., Budapest General construction of a department store and apartments in the city centre, Sopron, Füredi sétány 2001
Berzsenyi Dániel Protestant Grammar School Demolition and new building of the gym hall, general construction, Sopron 2001


General construction of a building of
mixed purpose with 99 appartments,
offices and a supermarket in
Budapest 2nd, Csalogány utca 43

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