Facade renovation of the engine workshop for GYSEV in Szombathely

Actual, Industrial buildings

Principal: GYSEV Zrt
Project: As part of a public procurement procedure, our company was awarded the contract to renovate the facade of the Lower Motor Workshop in Szombathely.
The building at Szombathely station is owned by GYSEV, where locomotives are currently being renovated and serviced. In the building – in the middle, high area – maintenance work is carried out, while in the low areas on the side (two sides) there are social rooms for workers (changing room, water block, kitchen, dining room), offices and building services rooms.
The building was built about 50 years ago in what was then a modern design without thermal insulation. On the facade, the clinker brick cladding was combined with a mixed door and window design – sheet steel, which may have been the predecessor of today’s curtain wall structures.
Over the years, the function of the originally planned building has changed and metal surfaces have been severely corroded. Therefore, it became necessary to renovate the facade of the building for both thermal insulation and aesthetic reasons.
The scope of services includes the demolition of single-layer steel windows and steel plate cladding surfaces on the entire facade. After dismantling, a thermal insulation cover based on polycarbonate (type RODECA) with a supporting structure for the system is attached to the facade of the engine workshop. Motorized windows belonging to the system are also included to ensure ventilation. Low facades receive plastic-insulated windows, and a complete thermal insulation system is created on the surfaces between the windows. The engine workshop gates will also be replaced.
The total area of ​​the facade is 2,625 m2, of which the area built according to the Rodeca system is 1,660 m2.

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