Berzsenyi Dániel Protestant Lyzeum Sopron

Public buildings

Principal: Berzsenyi Dániel Evangélikus Gimnázium (Líceum)
Project: The educational institution is located in the center of Sopron at 11 Széchenyi Square. The facility can only be reached through the narrow gate on Széchenyi Square, so it had to be taken into account at the planning stage that only a structure of limited size can be supplied and the use of transport vehicles and cranes is also very limited. The expansion and renovation was carried out in three phases, taking into account the financial possibilities of the institute. In the first phase, the outdated gym at the end of the site was demolished and replaced by a new two-storey gym. The main walls of the building are masonry constructions, the supporting structure of the intermediate and upper ceiling is a steel lattice girder that was assembled on site in several parts. The roof is a pointed roof. In the second construction phase, the attic of the existing buildings and the gym with the creation of classrooms, common rooms and offices were built. In the third construction phase, the gym on the upper floor of the two-storey gym was completed, the street and courtyard facades were renovated and the courtyard was designed with paving stones and gardening.

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