Construction of the visitor center at the Paneuropean Picnic

Public buildings

Principal: Sopron Local Government
Project: The visitor center was built on the Austrian-Hungarian border near Sopron in Piuszpuszta directly on the access road, in the southern part of the Pan-European Picnic Memorial, which was erected to commemorate the temporary opening of the border on August 19, 1989. The visitor center is a one-story, light-structured building. The facade with large glass surfaces opens up to the memorial park, in front of which a large covered terrace was laid out. Inside, an information desk and a small buffet, an exhibition room, water blocks for women and men, and warehouses with external access have been set up. The usable area of ​​the building is 285 m2. During the investment, a “time capsule” was created right next to the border, a 44 m2 one-story facility with schematic images showing the former border barrier and the refugees inside. Since there is no utility company in the area, the power supply had to be solved with a generator, the water and extinguishing water supply had to be solved with tanks sunk in the ground. The plant was built in 2019 with a construction time of 6 months.

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