Liszt Ferenc conference center in Sopron

Public buildings

Principal: Pro Kultúra Kht
Project: The building stands on a separate plot of land in a listed area of ​​the city center. The property is an irregular rectangle, followed by the outline of the building on three sides and there is a front garden in front of the main entrance. The original building was built in an eclectic style in 1873. The building has basement + ground floor + 7 floors with a complex floor plan system. The building was completely rebuilt and renovated, with significant structural changes and reinforcements, complete architectural, technical and electrical changes were made. The building has several functions, the main functional units: Széchenyi Hall for 800 people, Liszt Hall for 400 people, Petőfi Hall for 200 people, a total of 8 section rooms for 400 people, restaurant, pub, exhibition halls and casino. The general contractor works were carried out by the consortium STETTIN-HUNGARIA Kft and FÉSZ Zrt.

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