Renovation retirement home in Sopron

Renovation and revitalization

Principal: Benedictiner Congregation Pannonhalma
Project: The building is located in the historical center of Sopron, in the immediate vicinity of the “Goat Church” on the main square between Templom utca and Kolostor utca. It is a listed building, formerly a monastery building. The construction was commissioned by the Benedictine Congregation in Pannonhalma. The construction was carried out under constant archaeological supervision and excavation. The building has a basement + ground floor + 2 floors. The building was completely renovated from the basement to the roof, the load-bearing and partition walls, the facades as well as the door and window constructions. New plasters, substrates, coverings and surfaces were produced and completely new building technology and electrical installations were implemented. The service rooms, the kitchen, the laundry, the restaurant, the warehouses and an archaeological demonstration room are located in the basement. The public areas and offices are on the ground floor. The upstairs rooms have rooms of different sizes and facilities and this is where the elderly are accommodated.

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